Investment Farming
true earnings
We see different platforms struggling to try to give value to their native token that most of the times has no use cases by minting it as rewards in a vicious circle of attracting liquidity and offering yield farming to later be dumped by the same investors (speculators and dumping farmers) when time to harvest and sell comes, all in a combination of an inefficient token burning and unprofitable deposit fees as well as impermanent loss that most of the times is not covered by yield earnings.
MOBYDICK manages the concept of Investment Farming. What is this? Well, short answer is: generate true earnings to support token value. Yes. Holding our token means holders will receive true earnings.
Investment Farming is not other thing than generating earnings with profitable defi protocols and investments in decentralized projects, with the difference that holders owns and governs the platform from the very first beginning.
Our Crowdpooling and token sale aims to attract Genuine Investors that trusts and supports the project. Tokenomics is designed to meet this goal.
We did not re-invent the wheel. But we are sure which is the best way to make it roll.
Invest in MOBYDICK.
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