How to Create a Mecenas Pool
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You can go to our web page to create a real pool using our builder ( or you can create a demo pool using our demo builder.
Below there are the steps to create a pool with our demo builder. Click on our web page ( the joystick image to open the demo builder, or use the following link:
Once you are in the demo builder, your wallet will be prompted to connect your wallet and account to the builder. Select which accounts you want to connect, press Next and then press Connect in your wallet. Then select the Polygon Tab in the builder.
Once in the polygon tab, be sure the Mumbai Polygon testnet is selected in your wallet. You will need some Matic testnet tokens and some Fake Dai tokens to test the builder and manage a demo pool. Click Get Matic Testnet to go to the faucet to get Matic testnet tokens and then click Get Fake Dai to receive some Fake Dai tokens. Then choose the yield source and the underlying token you want your pool to work with and click the Create Button. For demo purposes, there is only one yield source and underlying token available.
Once you click the Create Button, your wallet will be prompted to confirm the transaction. Click Confirm and wait till the transaction is confirmed in the blockchain. Then click the button My Pools to see your pool.
In My Pools you will see the pool you have just created. Click the Copy Button to copy the link to share with your community or click the pool link to go to manage the pool.
Congratulations!! The pool is ready to receive donations and collaborations from your community and generate yield.
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