Mecenas Contract Security
Our contract is reviewed and tested by us. We do our major efforts to keep it safe.
We do not outsource nor fork any of our contracts. We keep the code simple, short and legible.
We comply with different security recommendations given by sources such as Consensys and Openzepellin.
Our contracts at no time stores the underlying token that users deposit. These deposits are in the same transaction transferred to reputable lending contracts such as Compound and Cream Finance, as well as they are reimbursed to their owners in the same transaction, withdrawing from the lending contracts and transferring to their owners.
At all times, any user can audit where the funds are as well as the generation of interest. There is no function within our contracts that enables us to obtain these funds.
Likewise, in the event that our front end disappears, all users can access their funds by connecting their wallets to the blockchain where the contract has been deployed, verified and published and execute its functions.
We are open to any suggestions and we encourage our users to review our codes.
You should be aware of the risks involving using our contracts.
Only use at your own risk.
Last modified 1mo ago
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