Stake MBK Vault
Earn TODAY tomorrow's profits...
MOBYDICK is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platform . The actual and future protocols are the source of profits.
The governance and staking vault gives you the opportunity to participate in the future decisions and profits.
When you stake your MBK, you receive token rewards (rMBK) at a daily golden ratio of 1,618 % over your MBK. This rewards can be redeemed against platform profits. The more time you stake, the more rewards you get, the more participation over profits you have.
You can buy MBK with confidence, because liquidity is not compromised as our token is not farmed and liquidity is locked.
You can only redeem your token rewards against profits.
Buy MBK and go to our staking vault. You can deposit and withdraw your tokens anytime. Every time you make a deposit, withdraw or claim, the generated rewards are locked for 48 hours. This means for example that if you deposit MBK and withdraw them after 24 hours, you will loose your unmature rewards. You need 48 hours to get your rewards matured.
Investing in MOBYDICK gives you benefits. Give you the chance. Buy MBK and begin earning today tomorrow's profits.
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